axVideoConvert 1.1

An automation compatible ActiveX video conversion program

axVideoConvert is an automation control application to provide controls for multiple programming environments that can host ActiveX controls.

This program can allow the end users to convert almost all media files into various video formats. axVideoConvert supports various input formats like MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI files, as well as WMV/SWF files.

For the output results, it can convert the input files into AVI, WMV/SWF, MPEG1, and MPEG1 formats with VideoCD, Super VideoCD, and DVD extensions.

Using axVideoConvert, a user can build DivX movies, or build any other movie format using the codes available in the PC. This program also enables users to control various properties of the output video files, such as height and width of the video, audio and video Bitrate, frame rate, and many more options.

Users can also preview the videos before finalizing on a specific output, and can make general changes while watching the video previews. The program also allows the users to retrieve video information of all supported formats.

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